Home remedies to make kitchen bacteria free

Home remedies to make kitchen bacteria free

With the preparation of food in the kitchen, the door to the health of any family starts from the same, then today we are going to share with you some interesting things which will help you to make the kitchen bacteria free, which can helpful to give an infection free environment to your family. For the same we should start with our kitchen. If healthy food is made in a healthy environment, then the health of the family will be maintained automatically. That's why make the kitchen bacteria free. When you are done with the cooking, clean your kitchen slab. For this, you need a soft cloth and lemon juice which will help you get rid of the bad smell of utensils.
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-Just like we clean our body on daily basis through bathing, we should follow some rules to clean the kitchen daily like gas stove needs to be cleaned daily. If something falls on the gas while cooking, clean it immediately. This will prevent the smell of food items or food preparation items on your gas.

- It is also necessary to clean the microwave as soon as it is used. This will avoid the aroma of food in the microwave and also removes traces of oil.

-To clean the microwave, take baking soda and salt in a soft cloth. After cleaning the dish in the sink, put a little rock salt in the sink. Sprinkle black vinegar on the salt and clean the sink comfortably with a brush. Vinegar will remove the smell of flour and remove stains from salt.

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