Eat 3 cardamoms empty stomach daily

Eat 3 cardamoms empty stomach daily

Cardamom is used as a spice. Cardamom is very beneficial for the body besides being aromatic. Cardamom is present in the kitchen of most people. Most people use cardamom to add to tea. Eating cardamom on an empty stomach in the morning has tremendous benefits for the body.

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People suffering from heart disease should eat cardamom on an empty stomach every morning. Eating cardamom reduces heartbeat. Consuming small cardamom can be very effective in keeping the heartbeat right. The body gets nutrients like potassium, magnesium and calcium by eating cardamom. Eating cardamom keeps the amount of potassium in the body because the blood of human being is replete with potassium, the major element of fluid present in the body.

Eating cardamom increases blood circulation in the body and respiratory diseases go away. Eating cardamom also cures diseases like asthma, cold and cough because the cardamom effect is hot. Cardamom should not be consumed much. Eating cardamom proves more beneficial during winter season. High blood pressure can be controlled by eating cardamom. Apart from this, cardamom also acts as a mouth freshener.

If you are suffering from constipation, cook cardamom and consume it with water. This will improve digestion and constipation will get remove. Apart from this, if you have bad smell in your mouth, then put a cardamom in your mouth. This will remove the bad smell of the mouth. 

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