Dehydration Can Impair our Cognitive Performance

Dehydration Can Impair our Cognitive Performance

A new American research has found that dehydration can have an effect on cognitive function, with vigorous activity for a few hours in summer heat without leaving enough fluid to affect concentration.

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New Meta-Analyzes, conducted by the Georgia Institute of Technology, looked at 33 studies with a total of 333 studies and focused on the consequences of severe dehydration, which no one can experience in labor, heat and / or drinking.

After a statistical analysis of the study, the team pointed out that the actions, coordination and problem solving of the symptoms were the highest.

The results also show that most of the people had made errors in meditation-related tasks, which were mostly repetitive and unexpected.

When prompted, the quick response process is slightly shorter. Chief investigator at the study, said, "Even though dehydration worsened, the simplest reaction time tasks have been affected at least, but it has had a great effect on the activities that are needed in the symptoms".

"There are few of the things you need to be careful about, focusing in a longer meeting, driving, doing a stupendous work in a hot factory." The higher-order procedures like applying mathematics or logic also decreased. "

Researchers have warned that dehydration can increase the risk of accidents, e.g. In extreme sweat

When dehydration occurs and it becomes a psychological failure, researchers say that there is no exact rule. However, due to the study being included, it seems that dehydration is a loss of 1 to 6% in the body; It appears that more serious disorders begin with 2%, and other related studies are also found.

"Already there are very quantitative documents that, if you lose two percent of water, it affects the muscular ability such as muscular endurance or ability to regulate game temperature and your body temperature," said Millard, "if you have a weight of 200 pounds and for a few hours you work, you drop four pounds and that's 2 percent body mass. "

Miller-Stafford said, "If you fall 4-5 percent, you really feel defective." "Water is the most important nutrition." However, she warned that you can drink too much water. "Some people drink excessively much water because of fear of dehydrated substances, that blood and their brains swell", which can lead to death in severe cases.

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