Signs of cholesterol increase in the body

Signs of cholesterol increase in the body

Cholesterol is a type of fat. Its formation gets in the liver. But if it is more than the actual need of the body, it will start to accumulate in the other body parts, and by these physiological disorders gets direct invitation. If cholesterol is increased in blood, its direct effect on the heart and cardiac related illnesses. Increasing cholesterol increases the risk of heart attack. These are some of the symptoms of cholesterol increase in the body.

1) Early fatigue, shortness of breath
Feeling tired after running a little? Or is there a rage? Then there is a warning that there is increased cholesterol in the body. So it is advisable to consult a doctor at the same time.

2) Continuous foot pain
If there is unnecessary foot pain, then this is a sign of cholesterol increase. So do not ignore this problem and consult the doctor immediately.

3) Too much sweating
Sweating is normal. But if there is more sweat than it is necessary, then there is a sign of increased cholesterol in the body.

4) Sudden weight gain
Cholesterol may have increased in the body if there is constant weight gain or if the body feels heavy.

5) Blood pressure increase
Sudden increase in blood pressure is an increase in cholesterol levels. Take immediate checkup without ignoring these symptoms.

6) Feeling pain in the chest
Increasing cholesterol in the body causes chronic pain. Along with that you feel restless.

7) Increase heart rate
Increasing cholesterol in the blood reduces the blood flow. This increases heart rate. If you are having trouble getting heart rate, check cholesterol. 

Sanket Ramesh Prasade

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